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VIP Packages

Here in Wropo, all the services are free except the VIP status. The vip package helps advertisers to promote their services by giving more visibility to their ads to attract more clients. After posting an Ad, you can keep it in the in the top by buying a VIP package. Prices are in US dollars.

Posting ads on Wropo is totally free! If you need to promote your products or services faster, buy a Premium package.

  • 1 month VIP (30 days)

    Position: 1

    Cost: 50 USD

    Time: 30 days

  • 3 Months VIP (90 days)

    Position: 1

    Cost: 130 USD

    Time: 90 days

  • 6 Months VIP (180 days)

    Position: 1

    Cost: 240 USD

    Time: 180 days

  • 1 Year VIP (365 days)

    Position: 1

    Cost: 450 USD

    Time: 365 days

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